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IT Infrastructure:

IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. We deliver IT solutions and services to organization as per their need and maintain the same.

Voice Infrastructure:

An IP-PBX or EPABX in simple terms is a telephone switch. All an IP-PBX or EPABX does is connecting the calling party with the called party. It has slot ports that provide interfaces to connect desk phones and connect trunks, ultimately enabling outbound calls as well as internal intercom calls. In addition to this, they also offer call management features like Call Forward, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Voicemail Services, Conferencing and Call Screening, etc. which make up a few among a long list of features.

Any organization will have one IP-PBX or EPABX to establish communication depending on their requirements and size. Essentially, based on organizations’ employee strength and call traffic. We understand the customer need and design the solution as per requirement and budget.

Telecom Infra:

We are specialized in offering Installation and maintenance services of telecom infrastructure like Tower, Shelter etc.

Fire Address System:

If you are looking for the best home security camera systems for your house campus, then we can help for the same. We offers a wide range of products and solutions

. Homes with internet access can choose from Analog HD cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Speed Dome Cameras, Network Cameras, Video Door Phones, Night Vision Cameras and Doorbell Cameras. There is one for every security need and to suit every budget size.

We have home security camera systems offer all-round protection, with advanced features such as infrared and motion detection capabilities for recording in low light conditions, smart Edge analytics to detect unusual incidences and trigger actions through instant alerts, and more.

Power Solutions:

We are into the power solutions for various Telecom and IT Equipment. Like DG Sets, UPS, Surge Protection, etc.

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